Celebrating Seven

Within the natural world there is evidence to suggest seven year cycles of renewal and there is much significance tied to the number seven.  In the human body, our cells are replaced after seven years, the economy rises and falls in seven year cycles, there are seven days in the week, seven deadly sins, Seven Wonders of the World, seven chakras of the body, and most mammals have seven cervical vertebrae, just to name a few.  This season, the Saxapahaw General Store celebrates the seven-year anniversary of Cameron and Jeff’s ownership of the business.  So, we’re at the turn of our first seven year cycle.

A whole lot changes in the first seven years of owning a business.  One steps into the role of business owner with a set of expectations and ideas for how a business will be run and what it will look like.  For the first few ‘toddler years,’ Jeff and Cameron inherited a specific set of traits that they had to transform before they could start making the mark they had envisioned in their minds.  They took over a dusty, sleepy store offering few products, if any, to draw anyone in who wasn’t already driving by on the way to the dump.  Bit by bit, they changed the product mix until it took its current shape – an eclectic blend of fresh, local produce, comfort and gourmet café food, beer and wine, and daily household goods.

After seven years we are working with a creative, dedicated staff, in a supportive community, with local farmers and artisans who work hard and lovingly for their craft.  Within the store we are working on establishing a staff-driven vision statement for our next cycle and those beyond.  Thank you to all those who have been a part of the first seven years, we can’t wait to see what the next seven hold!


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