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    I’ve never posted anything but I’m excited to see “Poppies” become an exciting place, not just a beer run!

    I think you should capitalize on some of the great products you carry by showing their varied uses, ie:Charlie’s soap-which you carry at a fair price and Dr Bronners Castile-which I’d like to see you carry in the basic version. Both are great for all household cleaning and don’t require any other products, except I do add baking soap to scrub with.

    For handsoap I refill the foaming soap containers I use sometimes, like Bath and Body, etc., with about an inch of Bronner’s and the rest water. Foaming soap containers are great pennypinchers to reuse and money makers to sell because they use so little soap.

    Charlies soap does everything-really works with 1 T in laundry, except the hard sax well water does need some softening-add a touch of borax and/or washing soda-something else I’d like to see in the store. Thanks!

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