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    I’d like to suggest a vegetarian sandwich with fresh veggies. I like to roasted sammy, however, I was in the other day and wanted to veggies from the roast beast sand sans beast.

    How about a Babbettes Feast? (sp?) That little restaurant on Rosemary that I can’t think of name of right now, had one in the late 80’s that has always stuck in my mind. Spring is coming would be a great time for a revised version-“Saxapahaw style” on the new outdoor patio! melissa brasington

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    Saxapahaw General Store

    Yes! on the feasts idea. We have been knocking around many versions. We do a crunchy veg wrap in warm weather months. Happy to do that anytime on a wrap or any kind of bread with or without hummus and with or without feta or your choice of cheese.

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