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goat burgerIn all of my years in this business I have never seen a food phenomena like this one. The goat meat hamburger at a gas station! When Jason from Carolina goat farms stopped by a few months ago, I knew I wanted to get goat on the menu. Goat is now officially on the culinary front burner in our country. However, functionally because of price and size of the cuts it wasn’t practical to offer it daily from our style of menu. We will work chops and stuff into our specials dinner menu.

So, I thought, well, we sell a lot of local beef via the American classic, why not a twist – perhaps with a Moroccan feel? Cameron had already decided to make English muffins in house so I decided to colonize those add a few accents and some raw sheep’s milk cheese and the next thing we know the local goat burger is out-selling the local ground beef burger.

Now, Jason is bringing us whole goats just for hamburgers. We have our own goats on his farm. There they are, our neighbors just across 54 in Mebane, you can visit them.

Today’s specials for lunch are:

Yes, the goat burger
pan seared salmon on croissant
Seafood Gumbo
Duck breast salad local Celebrity Dairy goat cheese with currants and grilled red onions and balsamic glaze.


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    Jeff — I enjoyed the goat burger yesterday! Carolyn and I took a road trip with her brother and his family. The two families lived for a while in the mill houses in front of the dam. We even got to tour the inside of the 1BR/1BA where Carolyn and I first lived.

    But the highlight was lunch at the General Store!


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