Resolve to Eat Local in 2015!

Resolve to Eat Local in 2015!

Make it your best year yet by eating good, local food! Here at the Saxapahaw General Store, we source many of our ingredients from farms and producers in the triad & triangle. Without local farmers, we’d be nothing! With their help, we can create delicious and nutritious dishes. So much love and care goes into the food that has been grown & prepared in this little village. It’s a dream come true! Really, the reasons for eating local are endless, but here are a few more points to consider when you’re at the supermarket.

– Local food is fresher! The fresher the ingredients, the better it is for you. Nutritional value decreases when food travels longs distances. Not to mention, you don’t need to add preservatives to fresh food!

– It is easier to know what goes into your food when you buy close to the source! This especially helpful with local meat and produce. You can check all the facts regarding farming ethics and growing practices!

– Buying local can reduce the impact that food transportation on our environment. Gas emissions from a large trucks are serious business! Talk about a carbon footprint!

– Keep your dollars local! Supporting local farms & businesses help create more sustainable communities. We’ve gotta stick together to work towards a healthy future!

We are so grateful to being working in collaboration with so many inspiring folks in our local community. Thanks to everyone who has shown us support in 2014 – we couldn’t have done it without you. We look forward to a year full of fresh food and fun times all around!

P.S. See our “purveyors” page to check out some of the local farms/businesses/producers we work with from Alamance County and beyond!