Hell’s Belles, Dirty Blonde, & Sonnie Plakotaris: Which of these is not a craft beer?

Posted by on Aug 6, 2017

Last week I met someone who was visiting the Village after a while away. She was happy to see familiar faces and old friends, and she mentioned the “Bubble” that exists in Saxapahaw. She said, it’s hard for people to leave here, and when they do, they always come back. I’ve heard this before, and it is something to remember.

Today, I talked a little with Sonnie Plakotaris, our laid-back beer-buyer, people-appreciator, natural-product-creator, Nature-lover, and all-around cool presence.

Here are a few tidbits:

Sonnie was born in Takoma Park, Maryland and spent most of her life in that burgeoning D.C. area. Her DNA is a great mix of Spanish, Greek, Native American, and German. In her case, it was a recipe for beauty, brains and a true Nature lover. She is the youngest of four siblings. After her first son (Gabe) was born, Sonnie felt strongly about not bathing their son with products full of chemicals that she didn’t want or need, so she and a friend hatched their own idea. How hard can it be to make our own? They did some research, and Soulshine Natural Products was born.  Sonnie makes nicely packaged soy candles (she also didn’t like the idea of burning paraffin in the house, and she loves candles), hand sanitizers, and room sprays (you can find all at the SGS!). She uses tea tree oil and peppermint, well-known antiseptics, staying true to her naturally-pure product focus. Sonnie is also a professional cleaner, and her next offering will be Cottage Cleaners, so stay tuned….

Sonnie and her three children moved to Chapel Hill in 2011. After someone suggested the SGS would be a good fit for her Soulshine products, and that got her thinking about maybe working at the store. She had been a stay-at-home Mom (and loving it), and liked the vibe of the Store. She has been here ever since. She likes the “commute to the country,” and the friendly, relaxed community here.

Sonnie’s favorites are seasonal, fresh vegetables (check out this fabulous picture of her home-made salsa from last week!), hiking, gardening, being near or on the water. Since she moved to North Carolina she has become a bluegrass fan, loves a good fiddle and stand-up beat. Bring it up and watch those dark eyes sparkle. And did I mention she is a very funny woman?

Along with adding her very-cool presence and service, Sonnie is our beer-rep liaison, and she is the one to ask if you have a special order or personal beer favorite you’d like the Store to carry. She has her favorites too—right now, the ever-popular (and local!)  Foothills Hoppyum, Fullsteam’s Humidity (in the Carolina Blue can), and neighbor Haw River Farmhouse Summer Golden, Sun Hands.

Craft and home-brews are growing by leaps and bounds all over the country, and two NC breweries took home awards at the recent U.S. Open Beer Championships. Haw River Farmhouse Ales is just a stroll away from the Store, and always worth a visit to see what’s brewing. Their menu alone is worth a visit. The Eddy Pub, also just a stroll away, hosts beer dinners too. The next one (August 24th) is a five-course food and beer pairing with Carrboro’s Steel String Brewery!

Sonnie will shake her head or smile if you say it, but she was pictured once on the cover of All  About Beer, so she is our resident Cover Girl. Cheers to Sonnie! Here’s the proof…..

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