Home Delivery from the General Store

Home Delivery From the General Store

Delivery in Saxapahaw thursday-sunday

For a long time, customers have been asking for some sort of delivery in Saxpahaw. We’re out of range of pizza delivery from Graham, Mebane or Burlington. We’re out of range of services like Uber Eats, Doordash, Grubhub and Instacart. So…like we do out in Saxapahaw, we made our own.

We’re starting with grocery, Farm Fresh Box and dinner deliveries, with one (maybe two) drivers, a rough seven mile radius around the Saxapahaw General Store, within Alamance County and a dream.

What and where are you delivering?

We’re starting with just groceries (including Saxapahaw Farm Fresh Boxes) and dinner.

There is a $5 delivery fee, but this does not include gratuity for the delivery person, and if possible, we ask that you tip your delivery person, either in your cart at checkout or in cash in person on delivery.

There is a $10 minimum for delivery orders.

Most grocery deliveries should happen within 3 hours, but depending on time and availability, orders might take up to 24 to 48 hours. Dinner deliveries will be within an hour. We will be in contact with you via phone, text or email to confirm delivery time.

Right now, grocery and dinner deliveries take place between 5pm and 8pm Thursday through Sunday.

Roughly a seven mile radius around the Saxapahaw General Store, within Alamance County, and including all of the 27340 ZIP code and parts of 27253 and 27349. 

This includes the village of Saxapahaw itself, Eli Whitney, part of Snow Camp, parts of unincorporated Graham  and Swepsonville. A 7 mile radius includes parts of rural Mebane just on the other side of the Orange County line, but if you order delivery and you are not in the area codes 27340, 27253 or 27349, you may not be able to select delivery as an option.

Also, 27253 is a large area code that includes parts of downtown Graham, and much of this ZIP code is well out of our current 7 mile radius, but it’s also the ZIP code used by most residents in the Saxapahaw area not immediately covered by 27340. 

Each delivery will be evaluated on distance, time and availability. If you selected delivery at checkout, and we are unable to deliver to your address, you will be refunded the $5 delivery fee and any gratuity charged in the cart and you are welcome to pick up your order from the General Store at no charge. If a delivery is unexpectedly canceled or is expected to be severely delayed, someone from the General Store will contact you by phone.

If a grocery order is placed after 4pm and we are unable to make your delivery that day, we will contact you to schedule the next available delivery day, or you can come and pick up your order in person from the General Store. 

We are happy to leave any delivery in a safe, secure location at your address (such as on a porch), but for age-restricted items such as alcohol, the delivery MUST be accepted by a person who is 21 years or older, and that person must be able to present a valid ID upon receipt.

If you require contactless delivery, please let us know in the note section of your order, just before processing your payment:

The Saxapahaw General Store or a delivery person from the Saxapahaw General Store may refuse any home delivery at any time due to distance, time, availability or safety concerns. If we are unable to deliver, we will issue a refund of any delivery fees and gratuity added online. We value your business, but we also value the safety of our employees.

General Delivery Area

The red circle represents 7 miles around the Saxapahaw General Store. Areas within this circle that are not in Alamance County may not be in our delivery area. 

If you’re not sure how far you are from the General Store, click here to see how far your address is away from us.