House smoked pork loin sandwich

-Chefs and their Favorite Sandwiches

YES! Weekly – “If you’re on the far east side of the Triad, you’ll need to take Chef John Wilson, from Sofie’s Cork and Ale’s suggestion because the sandwich he recommends from Saxapahaw General Store* in Saxapahaw is worth the trip.

‘My favorite sandwich is the Duck Bacon Turkey Club,” Wilson said. ”It has Weaver Street Market Bakery sourdough, deli-sliced turkey, house-smoked duck bacon mayo. lettuce and tomato.'”

The Five Star Gas Station – An Article in Our State Magazine

“I’m one of those people who secretly believe that there are undiscovered places in the world, tracts of jungle where heretofore thought-to-be-extinct dinosaurs roam. I believe in Bigfoot, Sasquatch, El Dorado; in caves full of gold and ancient bones and the palm-leaved pages of books bound together with the hair from an aurochs’s mane; in words written by someone whose name we will never know. Now, I believe in Saxapahaw, too.”  Daniel Wallace

-Rise & Dine: The South’s Best Breakfast Joints
Featured in Garden & Gun as the “Best Gas Station Breakfast” in the South

-Saxapahaw, NC, Middle of Somewhere, Becomes a Draw
The NY Times gives a nod to SGS.

-The Impulsive Traveler:  Magical Happenings in Tiny Saxapahaw
The Washington Post beautifully captures the quirkiness and the charm of Saxapahaw.

Gourmet Magazine mentions SGS

-Our State article on Saxapahaw

“With the help of committed residents, a mill village along the banks of the Haw River flourishes again with renovated condominiums, quirky puppet-makers, delicious sandwiches at the General Store, and a healing atmosphere.” Jeri Rowe, Our State staff

-UNC-TV on Saxapahaw General Store

-Restaurants of the Year, 2011
Greg Cox of the News & Observer rates SGS among the area’s top restaurants.

-Farm Flavors that Make the Road Trip Worthwhile
Greg Cox of the News & Observer reviews SGS

-Fine Dining at the General Store
Food writer Andrea Weigl of the News & Observer speaks well of SGS.

-General Store Redux
–Food and Wine mentions Saxapahaw General Store among trendy concepts in 2011.

-Elon University student-produced news features on Saxapahaw General Store:

Fox 8 piece on Saxapahaw

-Cooking Light’s description of area restaurants, including SGS

-Winston Salem Journal:  The Sublime Meets the Staples

-NY Mag mentions SGS pizza and sandwiches

-I’ll Bite Blog–a cool blog post about Saxapahaw on Saxapahaw

Small Town Fashionista

Sweet Tea & Wheat-Free

GF Menu: Yes! Saxapahaw is a happenin’ little hamlet with music (The Haw River Ballroom in Saxapahaw’s Historic Cotton Mill), a seasonal farmer’s market, and locavore food that garners the attention of The New York TimesGourmet MagazineGarden & Gun Magazine. …These store shelves are stocked with a bountiful array of NC products. Doesn’t it make you proud?  Celeste Beck Sagi

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