The Amazing MB Martin, Chef and Catering Wizard!

The Amazing MB Martin, Chef and Catering Wizard!
Chef M.B. Martin
The Amazing Catering Captain, MB Martin!

This is Chef MB, a catering miracle-worker whose creations delight and are seemingly done without any visible dust or noise from her hours of labor. MB truly does make miracles happen, and I have heard wedding parties say, just in my short time working at the Store, that the food served at the wedding they attended at the Ballroom was the best they have eaten at any wedding. High praise!

I sat down with MB (interrupting her rare break and tasty-looking lunch) and asked her a few questions about her food passions and favorite things. The catering is a lot of work, she said, but she loves working with Patti G., and being able to prepare fresh and wholesome food (from selective ingredients), handling the food from start to finish and also being a part of the completed experience, knowing the client has had a good meal and made a good memory.

MB was born in Rocky Mount (NC born and bred!), and was raised in Burlington. She received a B.A. in Graphic Design, with a minor in Business, at UNCG. She was just a baby (16!) when she started working at the General Store, and began catering about four years ago. Some of the things MB loves about Saxapahaw are shared by many who visit and live in the area (including me): the community, the farm-to-table opportunities, the peacefulness of the river. She loves to spend time reading, crocheting, and is an AVID cat lover (she has 3 and a big smile spreads across her face when she thinks of them).

Along with the catering offerings, MB creates regularly in the SaxGen kitchen, where the crew puts out tasty food all day every day. (MB also makes her own Monthly Planners, which are works of art in themselves.) Her creative mind  never stops, and we are glad she is here! Next time you see MB, give her a nod, a smile, a handshake, a hug, a thank you if you feel inclined. She earns them every day.