Just Bee Local Honey–Home is where the Honey Is…!

Just Bee Local Honey–Home is where the Honey Is…!

Stories about the plight and life of bees and how they help us have been told often, and we’re glad to have honey from Chapel Hill’s Just Bee Apiary on our store shelves.  Learning more about all that feeds the art of what we sense and what we call home is a gift that keeps on giving. As Marty Hanks puts it, The idea that we do not need pollinators in greater numbers is like removing one of the spokes from a 5 spoke wheel and hoping it will continue to roll.

Things are being written, experiments conducted, and taste is being tested constantly to look at our relationship to food, taste, what we like and why or why not. One current trend explores how texture relates to taste. In a new book called Mouthfeel: How Texture Makes Taste, the authors mention a study that identified the 400+ Japanese terms for texture, compared to the 78 offered by American English. The humans at Just Bee Apiary are helping us learn about what taste (and texture!) can teach us about our HOME. Dare to taste your place?

Here’s how they share it, from the Apiary:

Just Bee Apiary takes a LITERAL approach to the “buy local” movement.

Each community we live in has a distinct flora or “Terroir” (Tare-Wahr) that is special to that geographical area. We place our hives at iconic locations within that community that are unique or special to us. Our honeybees forage for several miles gathering nectar and pollen(mother nature’s fingerprint) then bring it back to those hives and convert them into honey, a liquid time capsule of each year’s unique flavor. We harvest our honey and then using a proprietary method, blend all of those flavors(locations) together and create a rare chance for you to know…what HOME tastes like.

Try some local nectar and share your story!