Raw Chocolate for the Soul….enough said….

Steven Lambeth’s sweet creations are a thoughtful pleasure (chocolate with intention!) first motivated by a lost love, a girlfriend who loved chocolate. He first began eating chocolate to fill the hole left by the Lost One. His obsession took over, and he realized he could craft his own chocolate, and so began this “spiritual journey”- Raw chocolate for the Soul—vegan, no-cane sugar, hand-crafted, made from entirely organic, whole foods and raw cacao from Peru. He makes his small batches right up the road in Graham.

Heart, Vitality, Love, and Moon Bars—Raw chocolate and herbs: rose petals, rose hips, tulsi, hawthorn berries, kava, cinnamon, and more. Each has its own specific recipe and intention….Steven is a mixologist with a mission to Soothe the Soul and support and nourish the mind and body…and it may be the best chocolate you’ll ever taste. Steven calls it a “chocolate experience,” and we agree!

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