Community Benefit Concert For Recycling In Haiti With Gabe Pelli & Will Ridenour

Community Benefit Concert For Recycling In Haiti With Gabe Pelli & Will Ridenour

Johnson Desauguste created Kay Blada Recycling in 2015. Like Saxy villagers, he knows the creative value of community and the impact direct action can have on the quality of life anywhere. On October 22nd (this Sunday!), Gabe Pelli and Will Ridenour are performing  at the Haw River Ballroom to support Kay Blada Recycling in Haiti. The show starts at 3pm!

Blending American folk and West African kora music, Pelli and Ridenour create music for all walks of life and are known by many in our local community. Their debut album (available early 2018) was recorded in a 100-year-old chapel in rural Chapel Hill. Those who know their music use these words to describe the experience:  love and remembrance, beauty and resistance, passion and strength. The band plays festivals, house parties, theaters, hospitals, and any venue where music invites listeners on an odyssey of hope.

Kay Blada Recycling is generating hope and efficiency as it is educating people (us!) about the value of environmental health and safety and direct action to support our environment, including promoting work to support these changes. Read Kay Blada’s story and details of their progress on their web site, and be sure to watch the promotional videos! You’ll be inspired!

Now, Kay Blada is seeking funding to scale its operations and reach while continuing to pay its collectors a fair wage. With more funding, Kay Blada will have access to more effective collection tools, processing facilities, employee training, plastic transportation vehicles, and local marketing. Every contribution helps Kay Blada to fulfill its mission of creating local jobs, educating the community, and cleaning up the environment. Donations to Kay Blada are processed securely through Stripe payments and Squarespace, and can be accessed through the donate buttons in the bottom left corner of each page on

The money raised from this exciting benefit concert will go directly into purchasing a truck that will be used to transport Kay Blada’s compacted plastic to P-au-P, Haiti. Also the truck will be going all around the Center Plateau, and all the way to Cap Haitian to pick up loose plastic and transport it to Kay Blada Recycling for processing.