Anchor Steam, Mystery 6-packs and Pineapple Cider: So many new beers to experience at the General Store this year!

Anchor Steam, Mystery 6-packs and Pineapple Cider: So many new beers to experience at the General Store this year!

At the General Store, we’ve always tried to have a wide variety of beer and wine options available– everything from inexpensive domestic favorites to local craft brews and high-quality international beers from breweries that have been around for hundreds of years. We have a lot of new beer options and hopefully, we can continue to add variety and keep the best-sellers while retiring some that haven’t sold as well.

In addition to the build-your-own six-pack for 13.99, we’re also happy to introduce a 9.99 mystery six-pack. For just 10 bucks, you get a pre-made mystery six-pack containing three cheap beers and three higher-end beers. Ask for it from the front and we’ll get one for you from the walk-in cooler. What beers will you get? It’s a mystery, but there’s sure to be something you like, and maybe you’ll discover a new favorite!

Veltins pilsner

Veltins pilsner is 9.99 for a 4 pack and 2.99 individually. which a decent price for a solid German pilsner.

Lagunitas Brett Stout

Lagunitas has two new 12 packs priced at 20.99. 12th of Never and the “Lagur” both of which, I expect to be as popular as the rest of the Lagunitas brews. In addition, we have a sour funky STOUT priced at 9.99 which is easily my favorite beer of 2019. If anyone is looking for something unique to share, this is it. It’s aged in red wine barrels with brettanomyces and lactobacillus for 2 years. At 11.3% abv, it is really like wine. In place of the Laguintas standard IPA we now have Lil Sumpin, same price 13.99. We still have the Lagunitas Maximus IPA, which is a Saxapahaw favorite.

From Sierra Nevada, we have a new 6 pack, the Gothic Southern which is an unfiltered pilsner that I’m excited to try.

In the 12 pack department we also now carry Pacifico, a Mexican style lager.

Anchor Steam

Anchor Steam 6 packs are 13.99. This is a California common style that’s is a great easy-drinking summer beer that is a lager hybrid made by fermenting lager yeasts at warmer ale yeast fermentation temperatures. This makes the beer highly effervescent and gives it a unique tangy flavor. Anchor Steam also has a long history, being America’s oldest craft beer, founded in 1896.

Southern Tier has the Mango crush at 13.99. It’s smooth (lactose) and light (4%) and gentle on both the sour and fruity points.

Preyers is a local brewery in Greensboro that I hope we can continue to get more of– right now, we carry their citrus wheat.

Shiner Ruby Redbird

Ruby Redbird is a grapefruit and ginger beer super light and refreshing (4%). It comes from Shiner brewery in Texas.

Green Man ESB

From Green Man brewery in Asheville, we now carry their ESB which is a malt-forward (not at all hoppy) style. Also great addition in terms of diversifying the styles we offer.

We have a new cider from Austin Cidery in Texas, A pineapple cider.

Lost Coast Fogcutter double IPA is 15.99 per 6 pack and 3.99 for a single.

Highland Brewery has a special release I ordered a case of Hawaiian Lounge juice IPA with a cool label with passionfruit and mango.

The Bruery Or Xata

The Bruery has a 4 pack of 16 oz cans called the Or Xata, a blonde made with rice with cinnamon and vanilla. It’s a creamy, flavorful beer that almost tastes like churros in a can. We also have their Trade Winds variety, which is brewed with rice and basil, giving it a very smooth and aromatic flavor.

Heretic Brewery has a 4 pack of 16 oz cans a chocolate hazelnut porter, which is 14.99 for a 4pack and 3.99 for singles, which is a little cheaper than it has been in the past.

Oskar Blues we now carry new 6 packs of a hazy IPA and the Pinner which is a session.

Sycamore Juiciness IPA

Amongst the single cans, to we now carry Sycamore Brewery from Charlotte NC. The Juiciness which is a super juicy IPA, it’s like drinking orange juice beer.

We’re getting more and new beers in every day, and some of these we’ll only have for the rest of the summer when craft breweries start cranking out different seasonal beers as we go into fall and winter, so make sure you drop by the General Store on the regular to try out all the new beers we have available. In addition, we have the widest selection of brews from Haw River Farmhouse Ales of anywhere outside the brewery itself, and they are ALWAYS coming out with something new and amazing.