We are proud to source most of our meats, all of our eggs, and all the local produce we can find each season, from farms right here in the NC Piedmont.  See below for the most current farm goods we’re offering.

Meat and Eggs:

Braeburn Farm:  Beef (whole cows for our menu and ground beef available for retail in our freezer case)

Cane Creek Farm:  Pork (retail when available–call us at 336-376-5332 to check on this week’s items)

Haw River Ranch:  Chicken, Pork, and Eggs (for our menu)

Firsthand Foods (a Durham-based business supplying locally raised meats to the Piedmont):  Beef and Pork (for the menu)

Massey Creek Farms: Eggs (for retail)

N’ the Styx: Eggs (for retail)

Prodigal Farm:  Goat (for our menu; available for retail by request!)

Smith Farm: Eggs (for retail)



The vegetables we serve on our menu are always available for retail as well.  Looking for something particular?  Call us at 336-376-5332 to check availability!

Benevolence Farm: Eggplant, Peppers, Tomatoes, Squash, Cucumbers

Boy Wood Farm: Tomatoes, Squash, Honey, Peppers

Cane Creek Farm: Tomatoes, Potatoes, Flowers, Squash

Eastern Carolina Organics (a Piedmont farmer’s cooperative supplying vegetables to area restaurants and retail stores):  Winter Squash, Greens

Peaceful River Farm:  Greens and Lettuces, Potatoes, Onions, Blueberries, Root veggies

Smith Farms: Tomatoes, Greens, Beans

Stas Farm: Corn

Sunny Slope Greenhouse: Tomatoes

T5 Farm: Tomatoes

TerraStay Farm: Greens, Peppers, Cucumbers, Winter Squash

Turtle Run Farm: Strawberries, Blueberries, Cucumbers, and Garlic


Other Important Items:

Celebrity Dairy and Goat Lady Dairy:  Chevre, served daily on our menu

Just Bee HoneyJust Bee Apiary takes a LITERAL approach to the “buy local” movement.

Each community we live in has a distinct flora or “Terroir” (Tare-Wahr) that is special to that geographical area. We place our hives at iconic locations within that community that are unique or special to us. Our honeybees forage for several miles gathering nectar and pollen(mother natures fingerprint) then bring it back to those hives and convert them into honey, a liquid time capsule of each year’s unique flavor. We harvest our honey and then using a proprietary method, blend all of those flavors(locations) together and create a rare chance for you to know…what HOME tastes like.



For a full listing of locally sourced items we offer for retail or through our kitchen, visit our Purveyors page.






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