At SGS, we offer hand-selected grocery provisions to meet the community’s daily needs and to delight guests of the village.  We give emphasis to fresh, locally produced and artisan goods while striving to offer convenient-to-find items too.  After all, we humans are complex–and so are our food & grocery choices.

Over the years, we’ve seen our motor oil, pet food, tobacco products and sodas rub elbows with the likes of fine cheeses and meats, handcrafted skin care products, amazing small batch chocolates, and ingredients for cooks of all stripes.

We’re always seeking to find new products we can be proud to offer–and we take suggestions!  Feel free to email us at saxgenstore@gmail.com with requests.  When we can’t carry an item, we can very often special order it for you.  And we offer 10% off full cases of items–especially WINE and BEER!


 Grocery Store News

“What If You Could Change the World by Eating Chocolate?”

July 23, 2018

Dan Friedman, founder (with his son Alex) and proprietor, of Special Treats in Chapel Hill’s Timberlyne Shopping Center, is a giver. When interviewed recently by Layla Khoury-Hanold for Indy Week, he was asked what it means to him to be able to help other people with disabilities, both through his shop and by supporting likeminded businesses. His answer? “It’s been one of those things when you do …

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Prodigal Farm and the Field of Creams

November 11, 2017

Dig, structure, develop, sustain, respect, practice, exceptional, flow, flavor The quality of landscapes goes beyond words. Still, well-grounded humans are able to observe, to absorb and to reflect the quality of nature exquisitely. Farming is a way of cultivating and appreciating the rhythm, wildness and beauty of nature and its density of life. The quality of relationships matters. The great con …

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Good Hunt, Good Health, Fresh Harvest

September 7, 2017

“Native Americans believe that plants and all living beings are our allies and helpers if we learn to listen to their medicine.  …Thus good intentions and spirit go into the production of food, material and handiwork on which the tribe depends. This good spirit is passed on from the maker to the end-user when the product is used or consumed resulting in good health and a good hunt, or harvest.”  S …

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