Saxapahaw General Store Fresh Fish Market


Fresh Seafood Straight to Saxapahaw

Announcing the Saxapahaw General Store Fresh Fish Market! The General Store gets fresh seafood each week, and in normal times, when we’ve got a kitchen full of tickets, that seafood ends up in things like scallop tacos, fish tacos, fried catfish sandwiches, salmon dinners, salads and brunches. With more people having to stay home, we’re now offering this fresh fish straight to you.

Every day the selection will change a little bit depending on what’s in season and what is available, and as with everything else, we want to make sure that we’re bringing you the best quality food possible, and local when possible. This list will be updated every day by noon!

We deliver groceries and dinner orders Thursday through Sunday, so also let us know if you would like your seafood delivered, if you live within 7 miles of the General Store.

The General Store's fish market is opened back up temporarily for the holidays. Please order by 5pm on 12/21 for pickup on 12/23 or by Thursday 12/23 at 5pm for Friday or Saturday pickup.

Daily Seafood Menu

Whole Fish

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