A Cook and a Baker

A Cook and a Baker
Baked by Amelia

It’s often assumed that the culinary world is split into two teams: you’re either a cook or a baker. Amelia Atkins had always considered herself to be on team ‘cook’. So how did she end up as our brilliant in-house baker at the Saxapahaw General Store? She first pursued her passion for cooking in Northern California, where she prepared thoughtful meals for summer program participants at an environmental center and working farm. Her journey then led her to Saxapahaw, where she joined the team here in the general store. It wasn’t until one fateful day in the General Store, when kitchen captain Jeff Barney observed that Amelia had demonstrated what he referred to as a “baker’s mentality.” And the rest is history!

Baking is no easy task – but gluten free baking takes to a whole other level. Gluten free baking requires strict attention to detail as well as heightened awareness of ingredients. These challenges, as well has her passion for making each item from scratch, makes Amelia a stellar baker of all grains. In addition to the love and care she adds to her recipes, she also has access to high quality ingredients. Among her arsenal of baking supplies includes many fair trade and certified organic products, as well as local gluten free baking mix provided by Imagine That Gluten Free of Durham, NC. She is especially proud to use coconut oil instead of vegetable oil in all of her creations.

Gluten-Free Hummingbird Cake

Amelia’s baking is inspired by the mantra “necessity is the mother of invention.” She is resourceful in using local and seasonal fruit in her baking, one example being her delicious persimmon cheesecake. She utilizes fruit to her advantage in recipes by substituting fresh fruit for sugar, making her goods more naturally sweetened with less sugar added.

Fresh local peaches go into her fabulous peach crisp!

You can find her baked goods here in the store, as well as at the Cup 22 coffee shop located at the Haw River Ballroom. She takes special orders, from wedding cakes to birthday cakes to holiday pies. Gluten free or straight up, her creations are always delectable. Follow her journey through baking by checking out her personal blog: https://bakedbyamelia.wordpress.com/. She is always striving to learn and grow, which has led her to the Natural Chef program at CCCC. So lookout folks – more is yet to come! She will be taking special orders for all of your holiday needs (think Thanksgiving-Christmas-Hanukkah). Call or come into the store for inquiries.