Local Artists at the General Store

Local artists at the General Store

Artists at the Saxapahaw General Store

While the Saxapahaw General Store is primarily a grocery store, gas station and restaurant, it’s also a central part of the community and life of Saxapahaw. As one of the main hubs of the village, we not only support local food and beverage producers, we also support the creativity of many visual artists.

Scattered throughout the rows of local honey, local produce, locally roasted fair trade coffee and local meat and dairy, we have many beautiful and functional handmade items for sale. If you have any question if an art piece on the walls or a craft item is for sale, don’t be afraid to ask.

Art and artists rotate on a regular basis, so if you do see a piece that you like, now may be the time to buy it, to support the work of local artists, because tomorrow it may be sold, or the artist may have chosen to move it to a different exhibit.

Information for Artists

Many crafts and all hanging visual art is handled on a consignment basis. This allows a great amount of flexibility for the store and for the individual artists, giving artists control over pricing and they retain control over their original artworks. The consignment rate is 80/20, which is well above the standard consignment rate of 60/40. This means that artists who exhibit their work for sale at the General Store take 80% of the price of the artwork, while the store keeps 20%. This covers taxes and any applicable credit card processing fees, while rightfully giving the artist most of the money from the sale.

In order to have your work displayed for sale at the General Store, we ask that you fill out the consignment agreement with your name and contact information so that we can contact you if a piece has sold or if artwork needs to be returned.