2022 in Review: The Year Full of Big Surprises

2022 in Review: The Year Full of Big Surprises


With so many babies and toddlers at the General Store, there has to be someone to wrangle them all, and that job fell to Margaret, “the baby whisperer”.

Kevin moved here from upstate New York, Julia got here via New Mexico, and here in Saxapahaw, they found each other, and in April, they got married! It was the event of the spring!

Also this year, under the tutelage of Amber, Eden learned how to make our delicious house-made biscuits, because we had to keep up with the incredible demand, and Eden is such a good biscuit maker!

Easter! Some people love Peeps, some people not so much… we didn’t actually serve a breakfast with Peeps as a garnish, but a customer requested it to be festive.

The blackened fish salad is made with either fresh salmon or catfish, cooked with blackening seasoning and placed over a gigantic salad made with locally grown mixed greens.

Our local farmers serve us… like Randy Lewis from Ran-Lew Dairy and his milk… so we serve them right back, with delectable farm fresh dishes. You just don’t get this close to your food anywhere else.

You know it’s really spring when Tiffanie Jackson from Machaven Farm sets up her garden starters outside!

Warm spring weather also means a huge increase in the amount of catering we do, which means a very very busy kitchen.

April showers bring May flowers!

No matter how long you’ve lived here, when the sun goes down, everyone goes out into the parking lot to watch.