2022 in Review: The Year Full of Big Surprises

2022 in Review: The Year Full of Big Surprises


All of our eggs are locally raised, and each one is a little unique and different, but all delicious.

No lie, summer evenings are sort of the best.

In July 2022, Ben started the Saxpahaw Chess Club and the village was never the same. :)

Jeff takes a brief pause to sit on his throne of egg crates and ponder the future.

When it rains in summer, it REALLY rains.

One of the little joys of summer is the return of the mozzarella caprese stack, made with fresh mozzarella and locally grown heirloom tomatoes.

Grilling steaks in summer is fun and all, but you don’t have grass-fed steaks like this… we’re happy to do the cooking for you.

Another fun Tue Saxy event was game night at the patio, where we had things like a giant Jenga game.

For three days in a row, Jerry woke up early to go fishing down at the river, and every day, he came to the store to show off his haul.

Mussels in tomato and white wine sauce, another summer fave!

This area is perfect for growing figs, and over the summer, we have so many fresh locally grown figs we sometimes don’t know what to do with them all.

Summers are also perfect for outdoor karaoke singalongs!

And on to August… click below…