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Local Goat

In all of my years in this business I have never seen a food phenomena like this one. The goat meat hamburger at a gas station! When..

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We had quite a startling weekend here at the store. After the Durham, Chapel Hill and multi-county Herald Sun Article broke on thursday..

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It has been quite a ride for the last month. First were the Paperhand Puppet shows in successive weekends, and then the Burlington Times..

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Local food loop

We are weaving circles here out of our kitchen – food loops, if you will. Local and store-made selections: biscuits, muffins, pies, beef,..

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Hungry Ghost

This weekend, we’ll be doing a repeat (with menu variations) of our special dinner menu, in honor of the Paperhand Puppet Intervention..

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Five star gas station

Yesterday as I was preparing the glace for the beef short-ribs, I looked over my shoulder from the stove-top and there was Dobbs, outside..

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This Weekend

The store was packed for two straight weekends. Gracious patrons. Some of them pulled up milk crates.

We are rockin!

Thank you to all you..

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